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At Whitetail Food Plots USA, we provide our customers the best quality food plot seed blends at a fair and affordable price.  The food plot seed in our products is ALL Seed, NO Fillers or Fescues.  Our blends are compliant with New York State Seed Improvement Project Standards.  This means the food plot seed we use is purchased from and ONLY from State Approved suppliers, and our products are tested annually to insure the standards of the project are met.

Beets & Turnips

Beets & Turnips

Beets & Turnips is a blend of Sugar Beets, Appin Turnips, and Pasja Turnips; a great fall blend that deer love, and will continue to visit and devour right through the winter months.  Photos of the Appin and Pasja Turnips and Sugar Beets are featured on the Gallery page.  

Clover Mix

Clover Meadow Mix

A variety of Premium Clovers such as Laino, Alsike, Crimson, Medium Red and Alfalfa.  A great blend for year round plantings.  This blend is also a favorite of Bee Keepers.  Refer to the Gallery page for a photo of the Crimson Clover in full bloom.

Meadow Mix

Meadow Mix Plus

Similar to Clover Meadow Mix, BUT, with the addition of almost 16% Chicory (among the highest in the industry). Perfect for, and loved by Deer and Turkey.  Easy to plant, producing great results and a thick plot of clovers, alfalfa and chicory.

Rut Tubers

Rut Time Tubers

Definitely one of our top selling blends, providing a "Salad Bar" of Premium Tubers, Brassicas, Clovers and Alfalfas. This Blend was featured in the July 2016 issue of Arrow Trade Magazine (Product Showcase Section).  Visit the Gallery page to see  result photos of the Tubers (Appin and Pasja Turnips,Groundhog Radishes and Chicory).

Perimeter Blend

Plot Perimeter Blend

A terrific mix that provides a Premium variety of Legumes, Tubers, Clovers and Alfalfas. It also includes the popular Ground Hog Radishes and Cow Peas. A popular way to plant is narrow 6' - 10' wide strips on the fringes of your food plot.  Refer to the Gallery page to see photos of the Cow Peas and other seeds featured in this blend.

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